Bron Saxophone Quartet

Putting contemporary music in its historical context


Cameron Millar - Soprano

Niek Starmans - Alto

Hannah Koob  - Tenor

Oscar Trompenaars - Baritone


The Bron Saxophone Quartet was founded with the aspiration of putting contemporary music in its historical context. This approach to the saxophone begins with performing on vintage saxophones that are designed true to the intention of its inventor, Adolphe Sax. The resulting tonal world is one that demonstrates the potential of the saxophone as a classical instrument; with the lyricism of strings, the projection of orchestral winds and the sonority of the human voice. These choices are also reflected in the ensemble's name, Bron, which is the Dutch word for source or fountain.  

Bron's repertoire features music written expressly for the ensemble.  Their collaboration with composers from all around the world has lead the quartet to a deeper appreciation for the creative process  and these relationships have in turn, helped to shape their interpretations of contemporary music. 

Recently, Bron was awarded the Jury Prize at the Fontys | De Toonzaal Ensemblewedstrijd, winning an evening concert in De Toonzaal in April 2017. They were also invited to perform live on Podium (Radio 4).

It is the ensemble's hope that Bron will help rehabilitate the image of the saxophone and that their audiences will develop a new appreciation for the saxophone and its many musical virtues.


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